WinGate Wilderness

About Us.

WinGate Wilderness is a licensed outdoor therapy program that uses the peace and beauty of nature as part of a fun way to help people heal. We help teens and young adults with anger, low self-esteem, anxiety, trauma, loss, attachment, adoption issues, not wanting to go to school, executive functioning, and using drugs simultaneously.

What makes Wingate different from other outdoor programs is that our therapeutic time in the wilderness isn't interrupted. Most outdoor programs make you feel like you're going on an adventure using different programming. Planned activities, on the other hand, tend to break up natural times of healing. Coordination is also busy and distracting and often gets in the way of our progress.

Total immersion in the beautiful nature of Southern Utah forces students to face their weaknesses and strengths in a way that is unique to them. By shaking up their routines and habits of dealing with stress, students learn to be active, reliable team members.

Our licensed therapists and experienced field staff are trained to help teens learn to thrive as self-reliant, respectful people, whether they are in the wilderness or at home.

Whom do we work for?

Most of the time, our families have trouble communicating with each other, doing well in school, getting along with their peers or other family members, being addicted to technology, and getting over past traumas.

We focus on helping and empowering young people with mental and behavioral health problems, which often go hand in hand with drug abuse. For example, we can help when anxiety, depression, or extreme emotional reactivity are causing a lot of trouble in a family.

Our program for 13–17-year-olds is for both boys and girls. Also, young adults ages 18–28 can join our Expanse Wilderness program, which is made to help people make changes in their lives. Through letters, weekly therapy calls, a family workshop, and an enlightening mid-stay field visit, families are involved in the treatment process from start to finish.

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